What is Zero Cost Credit Cards Processing?

Zero cost credit card processing is simple it allows you to pass on the transaction charges and fees on to your client or customer and saves you tons of money for credit card processing fees! Gas stations / Fuel / petroleum services have been doing it for years where they offer a credit card price and a cash price and you can do the same thing now at your restaurant, storefront, retail location any type of business that accepts credit cards in person can offer cash discount pricing and charge your customers the credit card fees that you pay for your small business.

1. Your clients / customers pay a 3.50% transaction fees if they want to pay by credit card.

2. You receive a free credit card machine from us placed at your location.

3. Month to Month if you are unhappy with the services just ship back the terminal and cancel.

4. You pay one 19.95 month fee for the services and thats it. The rest is paid for by the customers

5. Apply Online to Get Started