Zero Cost Credit Card Processor

Get started today with our Zero Cost Credit Cards Processor program for retailers, restaurants, any type of card present business and pay no transaction fees! Pay one low monthly fee of $19.95 and your customers and clients pay all of the transaction fees! With rising inflation today you need to cut every expense you can and increase your bottom line. More and more customers are growing accustomed to paying convience fees or credit card surcharge fees. We have special programs for head shops right now selling cbd, kratom, glass pipes. With our special program you can pay the transaction fees or have the customers pay the transaction fees and you pay nothing, you choice. Also included is a free credit card terminal placement! Get Started Now

High Risk Credit Cards Processor

We also work with all types of business types and business models. We specialize in accepting high risk merchants that most banks and processors shy away from. Our underwriting banks will approve high risk business models that struggle to find a good credit card processor with cheap and affordable rates. We understand the frustration and difficulty and will guide you through the setup process and provide excellent customer service. You can see the types of high risk companies we can approve of and apply online or call us and get your business approved today! Get Started Now

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